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Company maker?
Date: Jan 23, 2008 1:37:21 AM PST
Author: Rafael

Dear all

Congratulation to the new web-side and the video clips. Looks much more professional. Great job! I am really looking forward to the QI results! Sounds like you did also a great drilling job.

As I am no geologist and I am also not familiar with mining, I do not have any idea in what you mean by Roguen could be a company maker with your business model (no own mill). Could you please clarify this a little bit. Big enough for a own mill or is it in trucking distance to a High-River mill and therefore to buy all the other equipment like trucks etc.? What is the size of Roguen compared to an average gold field?
How is the mineralization compared to an average?

Sorry for all the questions and my english, but I really lack of understanding in what is the average.

Thanks and regards



Company Maker
Date: Jan 25, 2008 12:17:44 PM PST
Author: don_w

Hi Rafael:

Thanks for your interest and the compliments are humbly and gratefully accepted.

The term "company maker" means that Ronguen is exhibiting all of the right signs for being a significant gold deposit that could make the company successful all by itself. Because of our Strategic Alliance Agreement with High River Gold we have priority access to process ore from Ronguen (should such be ultimately proven) to any High River processing facility within trucking distance. It is very likely that High River will build a mill at Bissa, 6 km from Ronguen, and if this is the case we could access it. This would mean we wouldn't have to spend the $100 million or so to build our own mill and enable us to mine much smaller deposits than would normally be required. I cannot comment on the size or amount of mineralization of Ronguen til the SRK resourc report comes out in a month or so. Keep an eye out for the news release.

Your English seems fine to me - much better than my command of your native language, Spanish I'm guessing.

If you wish to receive our news releases send me an email at and I'll add your address to our list.

Best wishes,

Don Willoughby, VP Corporate Development, Goldrush Resources Ltd.

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